Versa-Grip 181

Versa-Grip 181 is a premium grade, versatile all purpose, duct sealant.


It can be used on all types of metal ducts, glass fiber duct boards, and flex ducts, as well as duct fabric and flexible tubing runouts. Versa-Grip incorporates a built-in fiber reinforcement for exceptional strength, with UV inhibitors for outdoor use.

Additional information

SAP Numbers

304138 VG-181-WHITE-4-1 GAL
304139 VG-181-WHITE-1-2 GAL
304141 VG-181-WHITE-25-11 OZ CART
305057 VG-181-GRAY-4-1 GAL
305058 VG-181-GRAY-1-2 GAL
305056 VG-181-GRAY-25-11 OZ CART


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