Our Projects

Emirates Flight Catering, Dubai UAE


Customer overview

Based at Dubai International airport, Emirates Flight Catering provides over 65 million meals per year to over 130 airlines and employee over 10,000 employees.


Project Requirement

• Bi-Directional Wireless Monitoring and Remote Management of 26 movable Refrigerated Trolleys + 48 Cold Rooms + 2 Blast Chillers for Temperature, Defrost and Events.

• Password protected data management with log of all activities with date/time stamp.

• Recording of temperature during power outage and during the period when movable trolleys are in transit from one location to another.

• Built-in data loggers in onsite instruments for at least 70 days of data backup.

• Monitor and control of Compressor Racks, Evaporators and Condenser Fans.

• Weekly report generation in .txt format.

• Alarms via email and via Audio buzzers.


Key Challenges

Movable Trolleys could be without power for extended periods and move to any place in the area.


Products Used for this solution

• MT543:  Temperature controllers for Movable Trolleys.

• TC940Ri Plus:  Temperature controllers for cold rooms and blast chillers.

• FG-WI:  RS485 to RF Converters for wireless data transmission.

• PCT3001 Plus:  Rack Controller for compressor rack control.

• CONV256:  RS485 to USB interface.

• Sitrad Software Modules Local, Remote and Mobile.

Trade Circle Technical Industries (TCTI), Dubai


Project overview

Established in 1978, Trade Circle Technical Industries, popularly known as TCTI has been serving the GCC / European / Mena and African market with bespoke and innovative products with unrivalled quality.
TCTI cater a wide range of industries. Under the banner of Wafi, TCTI has undertaken and successfully executed prestigious projects.


Project requirement

• Provide comfort to the occupants in over 2400 m2 air-conditioned facility as current chiller is not sufficient to maintain comfortable temperature.

• Save energy


Product used to solve this Problem

A 20’ HVLS fans installed to improve air changes and provide an improved air flow to the occupant giving them allow feel like (wind chill) temperature effect.

Abu Dhabi International Airport – Midfield Terminal Building, Abu Dhabi, UAE


Project overview

The terminal is planned to cater for 30 million annual passengers with 65 contact stands. The terminal’s principal user will be Etihad Airways, the national carrier of the UAE, and it is designed to cater for significant volumes of passengers transferring between flights at Abu Dhabi providing a minimum connect time of 45 minutes. The building comprises a reinforced concrete podium and multi-level basement with 69,000 tones of superstructure steelwork forming the large span roof structure over the central space and piers.

Project Requirement

• Seal the HVAC ductwork installed on jobsite to Seal Class A that has failed the duct leakage test.

• Duct Sealant must be environment friendly, water based with low VOC.

• Duct sealant should spread, caulk or spray easily.

• Sealant must remain flexible during application and stay flexible over time.

• Passes the peel adhesion test when installed over the existing sealant that has failed the test.


Key Challenges

Sealant must pass the peel adhesion test when installed over the existing sealant that has failed the test.


Product Used to Solve this Problem

Spray-Seal: An all-purpose high performance spray able sealant for use on all types of metal duct, fiberglass duct board, duct fabric and flex duct. Distinguished by its ability to accommodate minor vibration and movement, Spray-Seal stays flexible and will not crack. Spray- Seal decreases labor substantially and increases productivity while using less material.