HVLS Fans and Turbines

Axiom Fans

Industrial strength and commercial appeal blend to create a remarkable ceiling fan. Designed to cover large indoor and outdoor areas, Axiom Fans provide high volume of CFM and consume minimal energy. They are quiet, stylish and elegant. Simplified controls provide variable speeds, forward/backward motion and center light (with adjustable dimness) at the push of a button


Altra-Air HVLS fans blanket a very large area with constantly moving air to create an expansive comfort zone. As a result, the big ceiling fan can create an evaporative cooling effect of three to four degrees Celsius throughout the facility.
During the heating season, the Altra-Air HVLS fan technology can de-stratify uneven temperatures that can be in excess of fifteen degrees Celsius from ceiling to floor. This results in significant energy savings since the heating system cycles less frequently.

Alite 3

This simple high volume low speed fan design, ideal for industrial settings, provides necessary air movement up to 177,000 CFM. Operating on a 0.75 kW (1 Hp) gear motor, minimal power consumption is combined with impressive air volumes to create the highly efficient Alite 3.

Jazz 3

Jazz Fan’s unique blade design doesn’t just look good; it deploys the same modulated blade technique utilized in advanced stealth helicopters.
From showrooms to restaurants and atriums to office spaces, the Jazz Fan’s creative touch of ambiance enhances the comforts and aesthetics of each space.

Hurricane Turbine

The Hurricane™ Turbine is a wind driven roof exhaust fan. This natural turbine ventilator is an alternative to traditional industrial ventilators that perform poorly and consume energy. Distinguishing itself by being the largest and most efficient wind driven gravity vent in the world, the Hurricane™ ventilator provides years of quiet, cost effective service. The Hurricane™ turbine is fire rated and also carries an attractive 15 year warranty.

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