Sitrad Remote Management Solution


Monitor and control processes from phone or desktop app from anywhere


Our Sitrad remote management system is widely used worldwide by a diverse customer base including hotels, hospitals, airports, pharmaceuticals, food processors, food retailers and data centers.
Sitrad can easily be deployed at new or existing refrigeration installations. It communicates with connected devices in real time to collect and store data and provides secure access to registered users over internet from any-where in the world.

Key Advantages of Sitrad Remote Management


1. Ensure health and safety of food and equipment with real time alerts and early detection of anomalies


2. Alert notifications on phone app or via email


3. Schedule automated reports via email


4. Works on any network: SIM card, Wi Fi or LAN


5. Simple, easy, plug & play

5. Reduce costs:

  • Prevent loss or food, medicine and other products
  • Prevent unnecessary defrosts cycles
  • Auto adjust cooling loads
  • Detect condenser performance such as dirt or air blockages
  • Prevent false start of compressor due to sudden air temp changes
  • Detect variations in the door open or compressor running hours
  • Detect rapid HP/LP events
  • Reduce number of service calls as most issues can be detected and resolved remotely
  • Proof of due diligence
  • Reduce warranty of insurance cost

7. Fully secured collection and storage of system data with audit trail for due diligence and code compliance


8. Monitor multiple locations


9. No coding knowledge required


10. Payback potential in <1 year