At Trimac Inc, we know that best results come from maintaining strong relationships and knowing how to fast track the growth of a business. Our team offers expertise in many different areas, which is why a specific set of strategies are developed for each partner to help them achieve their goals. With our proven strategies and services, your business is bound to succeed in new markets.


Brand Building

We promote brands through social media, participation at local trade show events, and through conducting sales and technical seminars.


OEM Business Development

We help with prospecting, product qualification and contract management with OEMs. We develop and maintain relationships with leadership, engineering, procurement, production and quality teams.


Managing Wholesaler Business

We actively participate in scouting, appointing, inducting and training key wholesalers across the region. We manage relationships with them and conduct training and education as necessary.


Warehousing Strategy

We help develop a local warehousing strategy, determine inventory levels that are specifically suited to each manufacturer & product needs.


Market & Competitive Feedback

We provide high quality competitive feedback to our supplier partners, which helps them evolve the right product development strategy for the served markets.