TC-900E Power

Standalone controller with three output relays for freezer or chiller applications.


This controller is a state-of-the-art low temperature controller loaded with enhanced energy saving and safety features. It is equipped with three relay outputs and two temperature sensors. A third temperature sensor can be installed on digital input-1 for condenser temperature control or defrost control on a second evaporator. The two digital inputs can be programmed to auto activate economic set point, initiate defrost, fast freezing mode, pressure or door alarms. A quick menu access key allows prompt access to main parameters. Other salient features include on-demand defrost, internal buzzer, IP65 frontal, optional eCase for rear drip protection, min-max temperature record, tamper-proof function to prevent unauthorized parameter change and a serial programming key.

Evolution line products has a frontal IP-65 protection, Flatec key for easy access, four digits display and exclusive accessories* as the key programmer EasyProg and the protective case Ecase.

* sold separately

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71 x 28 x 71 mm

Application example

Walk-in and display freezers


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