Controller for monitoring and controlling temperature and humidity.


It has three outputs: one for temperature control, another for humidity control, and a third one for auxiliary purposes, which may operate as a second stage for temperature control, humidity control, alarm, or cyclic timer.
It is intended for low and medium relative humidity applications (10% to 85% with no condensation) and features an internal audible alarm (buzzer). Its temperature and humidity sensors are combined in a single bulb, saving space and wiring. Additionally, it includes an intelligent locking system to prevent unauthorized people from changing control parameters.It has a serial communication for connection to Sitrad.Evolution line products has a frontal IP-65 protection, Flatec key for easy access, four digits display and exclusive accessories* as the key programmer EasyProg and the protective case Ecase.

* sold separately

Additional information


71 x 28 x 71 mm

Application example

data centers, wine cellars, grain driers, green houses and general ambient air conditioning


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