VX950 Plus

VX950 Plus is an Electronic Expansion Valve driver and a Temperature Controller in one unit. This allows remote monitoring and control of entire refrigeration system including Compressor, Defrost, Evaporator& EEV from a single controller.

VX950 Plus provides excellent energy savings and system efficiency through precise superheat control & freely selectable MOP points. It is equipped with 4 outputs (Comp, Defrost, Fan & EEV), 3 temperature sensors (Room, Coil & Suction), 1 suction pressure transducer, 1 digital input and RS485 serial communication ports for Sitrad real-time monitoring and management. VX950 Plus can be monitored and controlled in three different ways: 1) only with Sitrad, 2) only with the Multi-FG (HMI) or 3) with both at independent RS485 networks. If installed, one Multi-FG can control up to 32 VX950Plus controllers. Other salient features include economy set point, MOP and LOP alarms
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